Some More Good News For Migraineurs!

Teva Pharmaceuticals U.K have launched generic Naratriptan for migraineurs in the U.K. today. Teva is a pharma major in the U.K with share in the generic drugs, branded respiratory and hospital care market

Teva Pharmaceutical Releases Affordable Generic Naratriptan (1)

The generic Naratriptan is thus a cheaper and more affordable option by migraineurs. The generic Naratriptan is four times cheaper than the branded version of the same chemical (Naratriptan hydrochloride). It has been released as film-coated tablets of potency 2.5 mg in two pack sizes. This generic form targets to manage the acute headache phase of a migraine episode that is accompanied with or without an aura.

According to Teva UK’s Commercial Director, Kim Innes, “We want to make more medicines accessible for more people and Naratriptan is our fifth day-one launch this year to add to our portfolio of over 700 products. It’s good for Pharmacy because patent expiries provide opportunities for increasing margins and keeping costs down. Importantly, it also means we continue to help save the NHS over £9bn on generic prescriptions.” (2)

Naratriptan is a prescription drug that must be taken strictly as per doctor’s instructions. Naratriptan for migraine is contraindicated if the person has high blood pressure, chest pain, diabetes, stroke, liver conditions, kidney disease or epilepsy.


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