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Mamta Singh is a certified aerobics instructor, personal trainer and sports nutritionist through the International Fitness Association, Florida, USA. She is also a certified clinical pharmacologist. A holistic health therapist from SAC U.K.,  she is a reputed freelance writer with international magazines and a popular columnist on health issues with several popular fitness and health sites. She contributes as lead writer and expert author to popular reference database.  With more than a decade of writing experience she pens health, fitness and medical content.

In her first book, Migraines For The Informed Woman, through publishers Rupa & Co., she de-mystifies not just the Why, What, When and How of migraine that are put forth in scientific material in esoteric jargon, in an easy and simple way, but also gives you a positive perspective on what can be done to keep them managed and at minimum levels. The book also gives hope to migraineurs who are tired of reading contradictory lists of what NOT to eat, this book gives you a chapter on what you CAN. ‘Migraines for the Informed Woman – Tips from a Sufferer ’, tells you what you should look out for in terms of migraine type identification and medication. It also guides you towards the alternatives and long-term solutions available for prevention, management and treatment, as well as provides practical and simple tips on how you can manage your symptoms when an attack is underway at home or work.

The author has been battling migraines herself for over a decade and by this vice alone holds the unique perspective of a sufferer who knows what the fears, questions and frustrations of other patients are. The book has been presented from a unique and positive perspective to address.

Singh’s second book, Mentor Your Mind, published through Sterling Publishers, focuses on the cause–effect relation of mental health, through a mix of what is easily fathomable and achievable by the busy urban woman. These include everyday practice tips, activities, simple yoga, easy meditation and service, which easily fit into her day without having to seek professional sessions. Mentor Your Mind addresses 6 mental maladies, 6 emotional afflictions and 7 spiritual self-service techniques through 3 self-evaluation questionnaires, 13 easy-to-follow step-wise action flowcharts and diagrams, 20 mentoring schedules and 16 explanatory tables.

Mamta holds a double Masters degree in Commerce and Business Management. Versatility is her motto as she is actively involved in philanthropic activities of the UN recognized Art of Living Foundation, making her an ideal life coach

Her third book, The Complete Fitness Guide for Women, through publishers Hay House is available through all leading online (Amazon.com, Infibeam.com, Flipkart.com, Ebay.com)  and retail stores (Crossword, Landmark, Om Books).

Watch out for her upcoming book on calorie cutback!

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