Corydalis Can Stub Pain Before Full-Blown Migraine Attack



Corydalis (Chinese Poppy) Has The Power To Kill Migraine Pain (1)

Another natural alternative to stubbing migraine pain in the bud is the plant corydalis. It is also known as Chinese Poppy and is a popular analgesic used in the Chinese medicine system.

In the January 28th show of Dr. Oz Show, the doctor said that corydalis is both natural and a cheap option to treat migraine pains. In addition, corydalis does not come with any side effects! He suggests a dosage of 3 – 9 grams (six capsules) of twice or thrice a day would help treat chronic and migraine pains. (2)

As per acupuncturist Dr. Hsu corydalis contains very potent pain killing chemical called dehydrocorybulbine (DHCB) which is known to thwart pains from migraines, menstrual cramps, back pain and rheumatism. Corydalis works by causing the release of dopamine into our bloodstream thus giving us a feeling of well-being. However, it is not addictive in nature as is common with chemicals that work the central nervous system.

Research has also been conducted by the University of California when the scientists were searching for compounds in corydalis that seemed likely to function in a manner similar to morphine.

As per lead researcher at the University Olivier Civelli, “We landed on DHCB but rapidly found that it acts not through the morphine receptor but through other receptors, in particular one that binds dopamine.” Some of the earlier studies have indicated that the dopamine D2 receptor plays a critical role in pain sensations. (3)


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