Stop To Smell The ‘Lavender’: Being Pain-Free


Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil Proves More Effective Than Drugs In Treating Migraines (1)

Since real cures for migraines have not been found yet, migraineurs often make do with taking drugs on a long-term basis that tackle some but not all of the symptoms associated with a migraine episode. So the injections, patches, magnetic stimulators, pills, nasal delivery techniques address pain mitigation or at most one other symptom migraineurs experience during their intense episodes. As migraineurs are usually in for the long haul, their drug intake is also long term as is their experience with unnecessary medication side effects and that is why a lot of us start to explore natural options.

Lavender has long been used in the management of anxiety in natural, holistic and traditional medicines. For the first the first time the effect of therapeutic grade lavender oil was studied in the treatment of migraine pains. The study conducted by the Department of Neurology, School of Medicine, Mashad University of Medical Sciences, Mashad, Iran. The report of the study was published in the online version of PubMed’s April 2012 issue. Abstract of the research details may be accessed (2)

A total of 47 participants who had been clinically diagnosed with migraine were studied. They were divided in two groups randomly – the case group and the control group.

The case group was instructed to apply 2-3 drops of therapeutic grade essential oil on their upper lip at the onset of migraine pain. They were to inhale the emanating vapours for 15 minutes and grade the severity of their migraine pain at intervals of 30 minutes for the next 2 hours.

The control group was given the very same instructions except that they were provided scented paraffin to apply to their upper lips for inhalation of vapours. Neither of the groups knew what they were being given in the unlabelled bottles.

The lavender group not only reported a 71% improvement in the severity of their symptoms, they also reported significantly fewer migraines than the placebo group. In other words, lavender helped migraine sufferers about three quarters of the time. (3)

Compared to the efficacy rates of high dose Tylenol at 50%, 57% for Ibuprofen and 59% for Imitrex, lavender oil scores beautifully over pharmaceutical drugs and comes with negligible side-effects if any at all compared to the drugs.

Lavender headache pillows stuffed with dried lavender petals and buds, lavender puches that may be embedded into scarves or tied to handkerchiefs may also be used to manage migraines. Other versatile ways of using lavender to counter migraines may be learnt at the Lavender Bee Farm website. (4)


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