Migraines & Other Pains Express Themselves In Stressed Middle-Aged Women

Middle Age Migraine



Pain Symptoms Reveal Themselves Especially in Stressed Middle-Aged Women (1)

Turns out that stress is more than just a migraine trigger. If the recent study conducted by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden is to be believed then almost half the women who suffer from long-term stress will suffer from some pain symptoms, migraine being one of them. They may also suffer from frequent headaches and psychosomatic symptoms such as gastrointestinal disorders

The research done by the Sahlgrenska Academy pursued 1500 women from 1968. It noted that stress experienced by women was the highest between the years 40 and 60. It was also observed that the most stressed of these women were mainly those who smoked and/or those who were single.

The statistics revealed the following in the women who were stressed:

Category/Pain Type  Body Percentage
Psychosomatic symptoms Aches, Pains of muscles and joints


Neurological Migraines, (and headaches)


Gastrointestinal symptoms IBS, flatulence, bloating



 According to Dominique Hange from the Academy, “Even when the results have been adjusted for smoking, BMI and physical activity, we can see a clear link between perceived stress and an increased incidence of psychosomatic symptoms. Of course, since 1968, women’s lifestyles have changed in many ways. For example, many more women now work outside the home. Naturally, these changes can affect the experience of stress. But although we’ve used exactly the same question ever since 1968, we can’t take it for granted that the term ‘stress’ has exactly the same meaning today. It might also be more socially accepted today to acknowledge one’s experience of stress.” (2)

The more important conclusion of the study was that women who stay at home single and smoke were most vulnerable to stress and required the maximum need for preventative measures from both  primary healthcare and the society. This would go a long way to tackle stress-related illnesses among women starting when they are still young.



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