What To Do When Non-Visual Aura Hits

Migraineurs may experience the common visual aura or the not-so-common non-visual aura. Non-visual aura could take the form of some loss of motor ability, feeling of pins and needles on face or palms, difficulty holding plates, opening doors that involve a strong pull action etc. Here’s what you can do to manage your non-visual aura better:

 Action # 1: Minimize functions that put you and your loved ones at risk. Attend to only such of the chores as are absolutely essential. Get the spouse, mate, partner and children to pitch in at such times. Any activity that is absolutely essential, must be done slowly and while concentrating. No brisk, jerky or quick movements that will bring on dizziness or will compromise your health should be made.

Action # 2: Take care while walking especially when you are turning to the left or right to enter rooms or lanes. You may want to watch out such that you are not catching the door edges etc.

Action # 3: Aromatherapy with the aroma of specific essential oils that suit and calm you often reduces the non-visual aura temporarily. 

Action # 4: Lie down and inhale slowly and deeply. Exhale slowly and completely. Repeat the process for 5 – 10 minutes. This is known to reduce most of the symptoms even in a full-blown migraine for half an hour at a time without medication.

Action # 5: Light massage of temples, forehead, neck and eyebrows with Vicks helps immensely in reducing non-visual aura. It also mitigates pain for a while.

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