Aromatherapy as a support therapy

Aromatherapy basically addresses physical stress, mental and emotional anxiety, though it is used to heal other conditions and serves as a support therapy. It aims to increase the overall well being of a person by using inhalation, massage and bathing techniques. Inhalation and massage are done using natural oil concentrates, which are distilled.

Different oils are used for migraines with different orientations. Diluted solutions of oils are used for therapy.

• Lavender and Peppermint are used to tackle migraines arising from neck and shoulder muscle tension. They are massaged into the neck, shoulder and temples.

• Chamomile and Lavender are used to manage menstrual migraines and migraines arising from emotional upsets. The diluted essential oils are massaged into the solar plexus and forehead. This is followed by inhaling the volatile fumes of the oils while in bath or through any diffuser.

• Marjoram and Chamomile oils are used to waylay migraines arising out of mental stress.

• Eucalyptus, Basil and Jasmine oils are used for migraines arising out of sinus conditions and physical and mental fatigue.

Check with your local aromatherapy store or pharmacist on the various natural aromatherapy flavours and oils. Resources are also available on the internet where you may consult aroma therapists for guidance, right choices of oils and method of application. Visiting a spa may provide you with a beginning.

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