Poll results and Poll Of The Week

My Dear Migraineurs,

The results of the poll run between 27th Jan 2009 to 9th Feb 2009 are here:

Poll Topic: Which of these are your migraine triggers?

The Poll Options were as follows:

Menstrual Cycles, Dehydration, Ignoring Hunger, Sensitivity to MSG and other Artificial Additives, Caffeine Overdose, Sleep Deprivation/Stress, Prolonged Exposure to Sun, Change in Weather, Temperature and Weather Conditions, Heredity and Others.


Of the voting population, 54% suffered migraines due to, in, and around menstrual cycles. Caffeine Overdose worked as a trigger for 23% of the voters and dehydration triggered migraines in 10% of them. Ignoring hunger proved another trigger for 4% of the voters and 3% of the populace also cited each Heredity and Sleep Deprivation/Stress as triggers. Only 3% of the migraineurs taking the poll checked Other triggers. None of those who voted was affected by MSG Sensitivity, Exposure to Sun, Changes in Weather etc.


On the basis of the outcome, posts in the month of March will attempt to address (beginning from the most common trigger, first) each trigger from the perspective of why/how a particular trigger sets off a migraine attack and what can be done when the attack is underway to minimize discomfort.
I sincerely thank you all for taking the time and making the effort in poll participation. This encourages and inspires me to do more to address specific issues on the basis of the results I receive, in the vast science of migraines.

I have put together another poll, which I request you to take that will provide the base for future issues/posts. Again, thank you for staying with me.

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