Endorphins…Part III

And here are the last three ways…

8. Meditation is another front-runner.  Practitioners of meditation experience the same high as the fitness enthusiast does after a good workout. Scientists have found that this ‘into the zone’ feeling post-meditation comes from endorphin release in the hypothalamus of the human brain, 30 minutes into any meditation. Meditation CDs are easily available that help you with techniques or initiate you to Guided meditation. Suddenly, there is an explanation to the stoic-faced Yogi..

9. Alcohol: Though one is expected to practice moderation for obviuos reasons, alcohol is an endorphin booster. Scientists’ research on rats found increased level of endorphin in their blood post consumption of alcohol,  and amphitamine at different points in an ongoing study and reached the same results of boosted endorphin. However other chemicals like nicotine did not have the same effect. However, migraineurs will do good to stay away from alcohol.

10.Sex: Yes, I kept this for the last! During lovemaking, a peptide called oxytocin, responsible for feelings and emotions of affection, is released in the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland. The release of oxytocin triggers the production of endorphins which have a sedative effect. Among women, there is an added benefit. Sex also triggers the release of estrogen, the lack or defeciency of which causes PMS, migraines and a host of other unwanted conditions.

Hope you are enjoying the posts. It will be great to get some feedback once in a while to know if I am not talking to walls. Next week, I shall be covering some CAM techniques that have proven effective in tackling migraines… Until then..

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6 thoughts on “Endorphins…Part III

  1. Just wanted you to know there are probably a lot of people reading your blog. It is excellent and was easy to find when I searched for migraines on google. I had to sign up to wordpress to leave this comment and then find the blog again which was a little complicated. Keep writing. You have a wealth of information which is very helpful with my migraines.


    • Dear Wendy,

      Thank you for your very kind words. It encourages me to write.

      Yes, I have been a bit laggard in continuing with my weekly posts. I actually started this blog to promote my book ‘Migraines For The Informed Woman’ which was picked in February this year by a publisher. I know I must continue as there is a lot to ‘share’ on this subject.

      And that’s what was the problem with the blog. I had at many times asked the readers to ‘share’ – leave comments or a voice or to give their opinions, but in the 4-5 months I saw very very little of it. It turned into an info giving site where people just took and never bothered to give anything back.

      I spoke of this to a friend from WEGO and she rightly reasoned – “people who suffer are too busy looking for info that will get them out of their hell and don’t think of giving back.” But I believe – if you can read, you can write. Eventually, I gave up having lost interest in it.

      Your comments almost brought tears to my eyes. Thank you again for them. I shall post something tomorrow.

      I am glad you are working at researching your migraine and if there is the 1 powerful and potent drug – it is aerobics – 3 times a week minimum, 30 minutes each time at least. This works at multiple levels – endorphin, dopamine, serotonin, melatonin, enkaphalin, substance P, Neurokinin A. If it can be backed by 400 mg magnesium – great. But the supplements should be taken after running a check on deficiency(most migraineurs are). Be careful with exercises just after migraines.

      Thank You and Best Regards


  2. Good morning/Good evening!

    It’s 0645 am – mildly foggy – no sunshine yet – I think it’s a bit cloudy.

    Yes, we are all ‘blessed’ with some health issues or the other. You are spot on with the fact that exercises benefit at multiple levels in keeping us healthy – physical, mental and emotional levels and in times of experiencing peace (the zone or high) opens us to spirituality (community service, donations, alms, teaching etc) even, dare I say it…

    Still, I think we have to be sensible about it. There is so much hype build by the fitness industry (and I should be the last one to say this being a certified personal trainer, aerobic instructor and sports nutritionist)that people get on ambitious programs and land themselves with injuries, some of them keeping them out of a routine for days.

    Eventually one has to look at their age, physical condition, weight, medical conditions etc before one takes on strenuous regimes. I think aiming for a 4 day with half-hour activity patches sounds splendid if one can be regular. I also think some time it is regularity of a workout that is more beneficial than what we do or for how long we do it….

    Oops! I am turning this into a written relic! Should go and fetch some coffee. I hope your day was great and tomorrow will be greater still. Goodnight.

    PS: Thank you so very much for bothering to write. I really appreciate it – really.

    Best Regards,


  3. No migraines, but other stuff, everybody has some health issue going on, right? We all need some exercise. The best thing for me is walking but I fluctuate on the routine. It would be great if I would discipline myself to do it consistently four or five times a week for an hour or so. I just bought new walking shoes in the hopes they will inspire me to get going again!


  4. Laughter, my daily fix! And walking, and puttering in the garden– does that count as exercise? This is a great list, all good things to bring balance, something for everyone. I need to remember to make time for things that balance the stress.


    • Thank you Susie, for visiting the site! I sincerely appreciate it.

      I hope migraines do not bother you. But yes, laughter is known to fight flues, blues, pains and even certain cancers because of the beneficial hormone release that beefs up our body’s defenses. It also has anti-aging effects, studies say. Walking and puttering about the garden definitely qualify as getting exercise – as long as you get the 30 minutes a day and it does not even have to be at one stretch! Breaking it into segments of 10 minutes all adds up. Yipee!

      Best Regards,


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