Continuing on the same note, here’s some more snazzy ways you can bolster your endorphin levels. 

One other way is to Smile and/or Laugh. You would be surprised to figure from a recent study, that happier people (as in those that smile or laugh or both more than 8-10 times a day), have higher endorphin levels in their blood and fight pain better. The facial muscles that engage in the formation of a smile and a laugh trigger endorphin release by the pitutary gland and hypothalamus in vertebrates. Feel the pain? Laugh! Fake it (Smile) till you Make It…

Another biggie is of course, Accupuncture. At the risk of flogging a dead horse – when the body perceives mild pricking sensations, it concludes oncoming pain or stress and as a result builds up defence through immediate endorphin release, which acts as a natural pain killer. After sessions of accupuncture on specific trigger points of patients, higher concentrations of endorphins were found in their cerebrospinal fluid.

One other odd way is to get scared. Yes, the operative word is ‘Get’. When you are scared to the point where your heart skips a beat, endorphins are released in good quantity to fight that stress and enable the execution of fight or flight mechanism in us. Notice when an expensive piece of china or glass slips out from our hand and the sound of crash settles – there is instant sense of relief at seing a no-injury situation or getting over with an incident. Of course, this may not be the best way to beef up on endorphin for most obvious reasons.

I shall roll out 3 new ways to build up on your endorphins that should help you tackle pain better, in my next post. Until then, have a peaceful and satisfying day and a most relaxing and pain-free weekend ahead.

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