Endorphins Enable Enhanced Endurance

Hi on a beautiful Sunday morning! I am sitting here by the living room window with my cup of tea and the thought of a workout later this morning brings endorphins to mind. I think this will make a good post topic today. Though I have covered endorphins in my earlier post, (where I spoke of it being a neurotransmitter polypeptide that has similar affect as morphine),  here is a brief on how you could beef up your endorphin stock….

Like I said, a workout is a great way – what with all the Christmas and New Year partying, exercises may have a double benefit now. Any physically exertive activity in the range of 20 minutes or over (continuous), causes the body to release endorphines as a defense to fight pain and stress. So you could look at brisk walks, jogging, running, interval training, swimming, dancing, cycling, hiking, group aerobics, gyming – you get the idea….Every bit counts – you only need to clock 20 + minutes of continuous exertive activity and most mentioned as examples are fun! 

Here’s another you will like – Food. This helps in 2 ways – the chewing motion triggers mild endorphin release in all animals including us.  Second, foods like chilli peppers (Jalapeno, Pablano etc) when added to food help – As the body encounters capsaicin, it releases endorphines to fight the distress and pain. Chocolates or caffeine based foods (though not recommended for migraineurs in a big way) or high calorie foods also help though their workings are different on our system.

In my next post, I shall discuss 8 other ways to boost your capability to fight pain by elevating endorphin levels..Till then…

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