Pranayama and Pain

Pranayama is a system of controlled breathing. Each one of us has a breathing pattern, which we evolve over the years, and is very different from what we naturally start out with. Breathing has a natural rhythm when we are infants. As we grow, this may become imbalanced due to the various situations and emotions we experience without our ever knowing it. Bringing the balance back through practicing controlled breathing is what Pranayama is about. Postpartum migraines are greatly helped through Pranayama practice.

Of note are :

·       Bhastrika Pranayama,

·       Anulom-Vilom Pranayama,

·       Kapalbhati Pranayama and

·       the Brahmari Pranayama 

among others that are effective in preventing post-delivery as well as any migraine from striking.

For techniques of each Pranayama, you may read my book, Migraines For The Informed Woman. 

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